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Insane Issues #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are currently available for $15 USD plus $2 for shipping. (Students pay $10 for a copy.).

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Issue #1 — Boston, 2011. This first issue was a fluke, riding on the popularity of the Exquisite Corpse sketchbooks of the previous year. Squirrel! Now a rare collector’s item.

Issue #2 — Toronto, 2012. Now we had to do it again to show it really wasn’t a fluke and penguins are almost as funny as squirrels. Michael Marcynuk cover.

Issue #3 — Salt Lake City, 2013. Zombies, Brains and Ziggy Stardust Saving the world from W.T.F? (Zombies will eat Anything!) Sonya Amin covers.

Issue #4 — Rochester, 2014. Exploding faces and Darth Vader and Batman. Where did that recurring talking condom come from anyway? Wil Hamilton covers.

Issue #5 — Cleveland, 2015. Introducing the Jackalope in “The War on the War on Science” featuring the infamous Backward Brain! (Who knew?!) Lydia Gregg covers.

Issue #6 — Atlanta, 2016. Now we get twisty and burn the DNA strand at both ends, going ReTro or FoRe-Ward. New CRSPR Critters. Peter Leynes covers.

Issue #7 — Austin, 2017. Returning to ReTro and FoRE-WaRd production, working with the concept of “Potions”. It’s not Drugs! It’s Medicine!. Covers by Levent Efe.

Issue #8 –Newton, 2018. The “A.I.” issue. Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Insemination, Adobe Illustrator and its spawn, .ai, Asimov, Isaac, or perhaps 1/2 of an endangered Madagascar lemur? Lots of ‘easter eggs’! Covers by Ryan Kissinger.

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