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Jason Sharpe (Captain), Joyce Hui, Chelsea Canlas, David Tran, Matthew Ostil, Nati Chen, Lucas Lin

Abode: Climate Crusader

Abode is a game about the small steps you can take to live more sustainably at home.

Climate change got you down? Feeling like the world is doomed and there’s little you can do about it? Well turn that frown upside down! We’re here to show you a sustainable path forward, with Abode, the game of home improvement for the planet. Explore each room to discover everyday items and activities that contribute to climate change and the simple changes you can make to lower their impact. Have fun and feel better about the role you can play in fighting climate change from the comfort of your humble abode.

Check out our prototype here!
*Best played on Chrome, for desktop only

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Team KICK AXS - gameplay 1
Team KICK AXS - gameplay 3
Team KICK AXS - gameplay 2
Team KICK AXS - gameplay 4
Team KICK AXS - thanks

About the Team

Team KICK AXS are also members of AXS Studio – a team of medical writers, certified medical illustrators, scientifically-trained animators, interactive developers, designers and producers. Together, we create visual experiences to tell science stories and make meaningful impact.

Team KICK AXS photo



September 18, 2021


Our team brainstormed ideas individually, then ideated together to find common topics and game mechanics we wanted to try based on the theme “A Path Forward”. Our ideas ranged from an endless runner game where you play as a nanobot travelling the bloodstream to seeing how food travels through the digestive system 💩. After evaluating ideas for feasibility and how fun they would be to create, we ended up with two top ideas: a beach cleanup game and a game about reducing your carbon footprint at home. We mapped out the user journey for both games. Ultimately, we decided to go for the second idea!

Team KICK AXS - ideation
Team KICK AXS - user journey

Content development and game design

With our winning idea in mind, we began designing the game and developing content. After diving into some research and referring to organizations that work to find and share solutions to the climate crisis, we mapped out the interactions in our main character’s home.

Team KICK AXS - content development
Team KICK AXS - game design


It’s time to build a home! Here’s a sneak peek of a few models we’ve created.

Team KICK AXS - 3D plants

September 20, 2021

Some interaction ! And more modelling 🏡

Dev wizards, Matt and David have brought our ideas to life! User-controlled camera movement is in the house!

Team KICK AXS - camera movement
Team KICK AXS - 3D house

September 21, 2021

Colors are in!

Joyce, our team’s art director extraordinaire, just painted life into our home 💚 ! Matt and David continue to build models, while Nati and Chelsea wrap up the onscreen content. We’re getting close! Plus, bonus appearance by our bunny friend!

Team KICK AXS - house with colors
Team KICK AXS - bunny

September 22, 2021

Time to start 2D assets and UI

Now that we’ve built a prototype with the game components, time to refine UI elements and start creation of 2D assets. Each eco-task will be illustrated in 2D and accompanied by content developed earlier this week. On the 3D end, Matt lined up and organized ALL the 3D assets just for fun 🙃. And our bunny friend, BUNBUN is aliiive!

Team KICK AXS - chalkboard
Team KICK AXS - fridge
Team KICK AXS - 3D lineup
Team KICK AXS - Bunbun is alive!

BONUS: Team photo with our furry buds who give us moral support (sometimes) 🐈  🐕

Team KICK AXS fur bffs

September 23, 2021

More plants!

Because who doesn’t want more of these beauties? 🪴🪴🪴


Team KICK AXS - more plants