The Vesalius Trust-a-thon proudly presents

Team Studio Bivly

Natalie Krug (Captain), Sydney Agger, Sam Bond, April Damon, Yu-Sin Huang, Anne Hughes, Hailey Jorgensen, SoYoung Kwon, Delaney Maxwell, Hannah Montague, Lauren Muskara, Ryan Nini, Allison Pardieck, Delilah Przybyla, Sara Rutkowski, Maryam Shabbir

A Flame Forward

In response to “A Path Forward” being the prompt this year, the team wanted to focus on the rise in mental health issues that have increased since the pandemic. A desire to take players away and dissociate from the pandemic resulted in a relatable but fanciful twist on an adventure platform game. The narrative follows our main character who recognizes their own health needs and begins to embark on a journey outside. Along the way the player helps out their neighbors to find the exit. The team hopes that the story’s setting, mechanics, and overall design invites the players to reflect and recognize that achieving mental health is not a journey one can take alone.

Check out our game here!

Team Studio Bivly - final submission 1
Team Studio Bivly - final submission 2

About the Team

Studio Bivly is a 16 person team composed of BVIS students and faculty.

Project Manager: Natalie Krug

Pre-production Team: Sara Rutkowski (lead), Allison Pardieck, Hailey Jorgenson, Lauren Muskara, Delilah Przybyla, April Damon

Studio Bivly Preproduction team

Art Direction Team: Anne Hughes (lead), Delaney Maxwell, Sydney Agger, Hannah Montague, SoYoung Kwon, Natalie Krug

Art direction team

Programming Team: Sam Bond (lead), Ryan Nini, Maryam Shabbir, Yu-Sin Huang

Team Studio Bivly - programming team

Social Media Team: Yu-sin Huang (lead), Maryam Shabbir, April Damon, SoYoung Kwon


September 14, 2021


Our pre-production team took on the task of creating our story, general concept, and game mechanics.

Connect with the team!

Instagram (@uic_bvis)

Studio Bivly - progress sketches
Studio Bivly - progress story

September 18, 2021

Art Direction

Team Studio Bivly - Art Direction 1
Team Studio Bivly - Art Direction 2
Team Studio Bivly - Art Direction 3

September 21, 2021


Programming team is responsible for coding the game mechanics created by the Pre-Production team, integrating the assets made by the Art Direction team, play testing, and more!

Early prototype
Unity prototype

September 23, 2021

More assets and environment!

Team Studio Bivly - asset integration