1999 Dr. Frank H. Netter Award Recipient:

The Machinery of Life, David Goodsell, PhD

The Machinery of Life provides a tour of the submicroscopic world of all living things and reveals some of the mysteries that result in the magic of our existence. In this book described by Scientific American as “impressive and most original,” author and illustrator, David Goodsell, PhD of The Scripps Research Institute, provides a unique documentation of the structures in the cell. Goodsell’s presentation of information changes how we perceive the cell – he allows the learner to develop a complete and accurate understanding of the structure and function of macromolecules that carry out life functions. Painstaking documentation of the location, size and concentration of subcellular components allows the author/illustrator to demonstrate not only the anatomy, but also the physiological processes that occur within the body. While the text is written for the non-scientist, the accuracy is designed to satisfy the biochemist. Effective illustrations drawn to scale facilitate understanding complex concepts and relationships.