Mission, Vision, Values

Mission of the Trust

To provide leadership for the advancement of education and research in visual communication for the health sciences.

Vision Statement

To be known as the premier resource for funding of visual communications in the health sciences.

Core Values

  1. Accountability – The Board accepts fully our responsibilities and duties as directors of the Vesalius Trust. We will act with fairness and compassion, tempered with resolve, to reach decisions that are both equitable and sound however difficult the issues.
  2. Guarantor of Loyalty – The Board members have an allegiance to our organization, our donors and our recipients to be faithful and constant while conducting business.
  3. Independence – The Board shall act free of control, bias and influence as we strive to accomplish the mission of the Trust.
  4. Fiscal Responsibility – The Board acknowledges a fiduciary responsibility to the Trust’s benefactors for the financial well-being and prudent distribution of the funds that they have entrusted to the Trust.
  5. Trust – Integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of the trust. The Board shall commit to truth in every word and deed. The Board shall assume responsibility for all actions and ensure all deeds are consistent with the Board’s words.
  6. Abide by the Bylaws of the Trust click here to view the Bylaws of the Vesalius Trust.