2000 Dr. Frank H. Netter Award Recipient
Anatomy Revealed
Roy Schneider, Medical College of Ohio

There is no doubt that anatomy of the head and neck is complex and the time medical schools devote to learning anatomy is short. To support traditional learning in an anatomy lab, technology can provide insightful information that enables students to focus and direct their learning toward what they need to know.

The Anatomy Revealed CD makes head and neck anatomy easier to comprehend by presenting the subject in a variety of ways and allowing learners to manipulate what they see. Users select how they want to visualize structures: by dissection or through a variety of radiological imaging techniques. When an item is selected, it is highlighted and seen in relation to surrounding tissues. In the dissection view, there is a slider control that can be used to visualize structures superficial or deep to the identified feature. Interacting with the dissection gives a viewer the sense of being able to dissolve and replace layers of tissue. This capability facilitates understanding complex three-dimensional relationships.

In addition to an excellent dissection, structures on Anatomy Revealed are accompanied by written information that provides pertinent details such as muscle origin and insertion as well as innervation and action.

Other valuable components of the CD include clinical movies depicting nerve pathology, animations demonstrating actions of muscles, and a self-assessment quiz.

By virtue of being non-linear, users can easily move to any topic they want to investigate. Anatomy Revealed uses effective imagery and instructional design that enables students to maximize their learning.


Anatomy Revealed Program

Anatomy Revealed Program

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