2010 Dr. Frank H. Netter Award

Emmi Programs by Emmi Solutions, LLC

Emmi Programs are online, multimedia programs prescribed to patients to help them prepare for procedures, make medical decisions, and learn about health conditions. Through the use of interactive media the programs provide information on medical topics and help patients make informed decisions about their care.

The online programs are well designed for the lay public and the content is presented in a conversational style that is easy to comprehend. Simple, elegant, contemporary, and effective images are well integrated with the narration and play a crucial role in making complex subjects understandable.

Emmi programs are developed in cooperation with a team of medical clinicians, illustrators, and writers. Feedback was provided by patients to ensure the content reflects the patient experience and addresses common questions.

The goal of the more than 130 patient education programs is to improve clinical and financial outcomes by using patient engagement as a business and care strategy.