2015 Dr. Frank H. Netter Award Recipient


BoneBoxThe BoneBoxTM Series is an exceptional collection of user-centric anatomical resources that simulate holding human bones in your hands with the enhancement of interactive tools to supplement their value. Rather than physical models, these virtual bones are accessed through apps on an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Android device. The high fidelity models can enhance understanding of human anatomy in a variety of situations.

BoneBox_3 Let’s say, for example, a patient is admitted to the ER with blunt impact head trauma, and is sent to surgery for emergency intervention. An allied health professional is tasked with communicating to the patient’s family the diagnosis of an epidural hematoma and explaining the surgical intervention. The allied health professional can show the patient’s family the relevant intracranial anatomy on a highly detailed mid-sagittal cross-section of the skull, draw the course of the middle meningeal artery on the model in 3D, and then select an alternate colored pen tool to draw the area of the hematoma. The allied health professional can then rotate the model to show the family where the surgeon will drill to relieve the pressure, and why their loved one will have a surgical wound in that location.

When used as a study aid, students can engage color coding and labels to identify bony landmarks. A quiz function (available on many models) is useful for testing knowledge.



The BoneBoxTM applications enhance understanding of human anatomy and medical conditions through the use of highly detailed and accurate models, interactive features, and accessibility on virtually universal devices.

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