2002 Dr. Frank H. Netter Award Recipient
AccuTouch Endoscopy Simulator
Immersion Medical

The AccuTouch Endoscopy Simulator by Immersion Medical revolutionized medical training by creating a realistic environment where it is possible to practice complex medical procedures on a computer rather than on a person. It allows healthcare providers to gain experience without causing any risks to patients, avoids experimentation on animals, and increases competency for specific procedures. As the use of complex, minimally invasive medical procedures continues to rise, simulators that can accurately reproduce the tactile sensations of these procedures will play an increasingly important role in medical training.

The AccuTouch Endoscopy Simulator addresses the need for accurate, safe, economical and efficient training methods. Recent studies indicate that physician error causes medical complications, increased healthcare costs and sometimes death. Allowing healthcare providers to practice on a simulator can reduce the incidence of these problems. Simulators permit trainees to practice in a calm environment where they can become competent in their skills before performing procedures in real-life situations.

Through the use of superior, realistic graphics and sensory feedback, this endoscopy simulator provides an unsurpassed learning environment. The trainee interacts with the same instrument that is used in clinical settings. The simulator responds to the learner’s actions in realistic ways by generating reactions based upon use of the equipment. Tissues change visibly and respond to interactions with the user. Not only does the simulated patient complain if there is discomfort, but internal structures show evidence of bruising and bleeding. Additional visual references provide valuable educational information. Finally, an evaluation report documents user performance.