Mary Jordan is a board certified medical illustrator specializing in
award winning medical legal visual narratives for litigation in the
Dallas, TX area. She earned a B.A. in Medical Illustration through the
Individualized Major Program at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN
and an M.A. in Medical and Biological Illustration from the Department
of Art as Applied to Medicine at The Johns Hopkins University School
of Medicine in Baltimore, MD.

She is a professional member and Fellow of the Association of Medical
Illustrators, has served on the Board of Governors, and participates
in the meeting planning, public relations, and scholarship committees.

She is completing an M.A. in Art Education with specializations in Art
Museum Education and Arts Leadership at the University of North Texas
in Denton, TX. She is interested in the study and development of fine
art and scientific/medical connections in museum settings. She leads
and facilitates museum-based observation and hands-on learning
opportunities to encourage wonder, personal interpretation, critical
thinking, and creativity for all ages.