Roy Schneider is the director of Medical & Biological Illustration at the University of Toledo Health Science Campus, (UTHSC). He earned a Bachelor of Art’s degree from the University of Toledo and a Masters of Fine Art /Medical Illustration from the University of Michigan. Roy has been employed at The University of Toledo Health Science Campus for 35 years. He has extensive experience in developing visualization concepts as they apply to the advancement of medical education. He is an active member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and in 2000 received the International Dr. Frank Netter Award for his original concept and design of the work titled, Anatomy Revealed.

Roy’s current work involves the design and creation of surgical simulation training models and production of educational software. Roy is a partner and owner of a small company, which is developing instructional software for primary and secondary education. Prodissector Frog is a virtual dissection lab for supplementing the study of science as it relates to Frog anatomy and Physiology. The product has been well received in Europe and is currently used in over 50 different countries. Roy also is a freelance Medical Legal Illustrator and has worked with over 20 Law Firms in the Toledo and Cleveland areas.