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Team Last 7 Brain Cells

Alexandra McDonough, Nolan Pakizer, Sara Lung, Helen Thio, Raisa Rodríguez, Lauren Kawamura, Leah Balsan

Captain GAP: Station Master

Help Captain GAP keep his station running! The intergalactic transduction system of the MAPK/ERK line needs to keep running smoothly. Passengers coming through Station Ras need to be deactivated before they can move on down the line. If they are not deactivated in time, the space radiation will proliferate them into alien mutants and contaminate the station. 

Based on the MAPK/ERK signaling pathway, Captain GAP: Station Master, introduces a general audience to an important signaling pathway associated with many cancers. This game bridges the gap between the serious topic of cancer science in a fun and non-threatening way for players to learn. 

Check out the prototype below!

Game still from Captain GAP
Game still from Captain GAP
Game still from Captain GAP
Game still from Captain GAP

Process Work

Meet the Characters

Captain GAP

Pre-production and Asset Development

Sketch phase for the game
Character modelling
Development of setting
Pre-production team

Programming and Sound Effects

UX and UI design
Programming Team
Wireframes for the game
Game development
Sound effects recording

About the Team

Team Last 7 Brain Cells