Vesalian Beasts Draw-Off & Auction

The Vesalius Trust and the AMI are thrilled to announce a joint event to be held Saturday, July 27, 2019 at this year’s AMI Annual Meeting in Milwaukee. Expanding on the successful 2018 “Vesalius Beasts Draw-Off”, we invite any member to sign up for this beastly event – but slots are limited.

March 2019: Assemble your team!

  • Minimum of 2 professional members and 2 students.
  • Maximum team size is 6.
  • Solo gladiator? You may sign up individually and be assigned a team.
  • Limited to 4 teams and 24 participants, so assemble early!

April 25: Teams named, and creature development begins

  • Each team will jointly create a single otherworldly fantastic beast that will become the team mascot.
  • The deadline for submitting your team beast is May 15.

May 15: Beast art submission deadline

  • Beast art – your mascot – due.
  • Team CrowdRise pages assigned, featuring each team’s beastly mascot.
  • Saga theme is unveiled.

May 15 to July 26: Build your saga

  • Plan your saga, one epic page per team member.
  • LEVEL UP! Optionally, create a 3D model of your beast. This can be a digital, 3D printed model or a sculpted model in any media – the choice is yours!

July 26: Draw-off!

  • Each team will be given one hourto complete a story.
  • Each team member will draw – LIVE! – one page of the saga.
  • What should be in your toolbox?
  • You may bring a 4.5-inch frame storyboard for reference.
  • Your team will be given 6 blank letter size pages for the saga.
  • You should bring your own drawing materials.

Each 6-page storybook, and model (if available), will be auctioned to support future Vesalius Trust scholarships. The team raising the most money (CrowdRise and live auction combined) will be given the honor of creating the cover for the 2020 Tenth Anniversary Insane Comics and have enormous bragging rights!

Email Pat Thomas at by April 15, 2019 if you would like to participate. You can form your own teams or ask to be assigned to a team.


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